Virus and Malware Removal Technical Support

With the viruses and malwares becoming stronger and more complex, your regular control measures might fall short of competing with these threats! We can help fix this and make your computer safer and securer than ever!

Types of Computer Viruses

From harassing your computer to stealing your personal information or corrupting your entire computer, viruses are different in their goals, and therefore, a different approach should be taken when dealing with each.

Here are a few areas where we could be of a vital help!

  • Installing an antivirus
  • Schedule regular scanning
  • Schedule timely update as per the availability of latest version
  • Cleaning windows registry for USB port security
  • Removal of existing malicious threat in the system
  • Parental control (if supported by a certain antivirus program)
  • Speed issues after installing antivirus
  • Software conflict between antivirus and other running application