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Antivirus and Security Software Technical Support

No computer is entirely safe from the online baits that the cyber-thieves lay down! Emails, download or any fraudulent effort made to plant a malware into your computer is harmful, as your personal date is at risk!

Microsoft Windows Technical Support

Have trouble understanding your windows OS? Our windows support has got your back!Whether yours is a latest Windows 10 operating system, or XP Operating System, our technicians here are well versed with the technology and can help in the following aspects

Apple Mac OS Technical Support

Mac has bundles of treasures to be discover, irrespective of how many years you’ve using it! Though user friendly, it’s unique OS will need a bit of getting used to! We not only provide Microsoft Tech Support, but also take pride in being able to provide tech assistance for Apple Devices.

Printers and Multi-function Technical Support

The printers these days provide wide variety of uses, like being wireless, allowing access to any device that is connected in the same network to use it, being able to print without being physically connected to the device and much more!

Browser Support

Few of these issues can be sorted out with the latest Microsoft Windows 10 updates. Sometimes these updates can fix bugs and add new functionality however in most cases you will need assistance from expert like us. Feel free to call us for any help pertaining to any microsoft issue. We are here to help you.

Program Errors and Crashes Technical Support

Some software can be extremely important, but a bit complicated to understand or something that frequently crashes. From programs that need to be updated to compatibility issues of the particular software, Microsoft help desk finest experts in the microsoft support will help you figure out the software and make you work on it a bit more fluently.

Computer Tune - Up Service

We understand that any computer needs regular professional assistance and we do it for you! Standing by the saying, a stitch in time saves nine, our windows support experts will save your computer’s small issues turning bigger and consuming your whole system

Router Support

Router is a device that allows data packets to travel along the networks. The installation of the device will play a vital role while it comes to proper internet connectivity.Configuration the Router Device, Slow internet connection, Dynamic IP based internet connection setup

Data Backup Services

We understand that not only a corporate needs regular back up! Every system or every single one of your personal file is as valuable to you as a corporate file is valuable to the company! That is the reason we provide you not only microsoft office support

Smartphone and Tablet Technical Support

We will not be wrong if I say Phones and tablets have become an integral part of the life of most of us! So what are all the possible places where our Tech Support team might be able to help you?

Desktop Support

Our microsoft tech support team strives to provide break free technical support to everyone!We know laptops like the back of our hand! So call us, and get any or all of your queries answered by our team of experts!

Software Application Technical Support

With a lot of Apps in the market, both free and paid, our windows support would help you with on what Apps to preferably use for your needs or help you figure out the app which you already have!

Email Services Technical Support

Our microsoft outlook support team of experts understand tat every mail you send or receive is important to you! And that is why they help you figure out what the issue is and solve it for you!

Technical Training and Guidance

It is always easy to learn a little extra when an expert microsoft office support is being provided! So if you need help with Sort and organize photos, Configure and use a web browser

Home Networking Technical Support

Our microsoft help desk at microsoft help desk provides number of services, and providing technical support for you home devices is one among them! We help you connect every single one for your devices such as your smart TV, printer, scanner, tablet, computers and smart-phones to your home

Virus and Malware Removal Technical Support

With the viruses and malwares getting cleverer and stronger than before, your regular control measures might fall short competing with the threats! We can help fix this and make your computer safer and secure than ever!

Internet Connectivity Technical Support

At this point in time, we can safely assume that slower internet speed is a nightmare! And not only that. Any trouble with connecting your devices to internet is a bigger nightmare! If you are having difficulty establishing an internet connection out of nowhere

WiFi, Wireless Internet Technical Support

The technological growth today enables us to connect to a lot of Wireless Networks, or Wi-Fi as we call it! So if there is trusted Wi-Fi source we at Microsoft help desk can walk you through every step of how to connect it

Media Player Support

Listening to your favorite music is ought to be soothing! And here is a list of reasons why it might not always be soothing and why you might encounter a few issues while playing them!