Privacy Policy

By using our website, you acknowledge that you have understood and agree to all the policies, terms and statements described herein. gathers data inclusive of personal information, which may be transferred, used and disclosed where required.

Data Collection

When information is collected by from the users, it is meant to provide you with pertinent assistance to your inquiry. This process is absolutely essential for us to conduct our business and provide you with appropriate assistance pertaining to your issues. Personal information and data can be collected at any point in time from you such as during account activation, purchase transactions or when you enter contact information.

The data obtained by us can be broadly classified as:

Personal information

We may obtain personal information from you such as your name, contact, address, email and any other information. This data is strictly meant for the provision of services and assistance to our users and remains confidential.

Payment credentials

If, for any purchase transactions, we might retrieve authentication and account information for facilitating the business. Such information collected is strictly meant for providing service requirements and is guarded and confidential.

Device and network Information

Any information pertaining to the model of your Microsoft, configuration, network details and other digital and hardware information may also be procured from you to administer services referring to your hardware or software issue.

Reports on errors and issues

Users can approach us with regard to their Microsoft issues. To address such problems, it is necessary to collect error reports that have a clear indication of the type, severity and device status besides any other symptom that can help diagnose the problem to provide applicable resolutions and guidance.

Information about user location

Sometimes, it is essential to provide information pertaining to the location of the device in order to provide our users with appropriate instructions.


Cookies can be released to obtain information from your local desktop or PC to better analyse your needs and provide you with good customer service.


It is our aim through our website, to provide our users with reasonable information and knowledge to enhance their processes. During this course, any personal information collected by us will remain strictly confidential and retained in our database as legally permitted. However, if we feel that there has been a breach by the user and / or if our website’s rights are violated and if such encroachment can be harmful or damaging to us or to our associated parties and agencies, then we will be forced to disclose your information to the befitting authorities for legal action.