Printers and Multi-function Technical Support

Printers now have the ability to connect to other devices wirelessly, allowing access to any device that is connected in the same network.

With the usage and functionalities of upgraded printers, the installation and understanding of these machines can become somewhat complicated! However, do not worry. We got you covered!

Some of the ways in which our help desk can help will include:

  • First-time installation of any printer, scanner or multi-function
  • Set up for wired/USB printing
  • Set up for network and/or wireless printing
  • Configure access to your printer, scanner or multi-function from most any device
  • Fixing of communication errors
  • Resolution of offline’ and other printer error messages
  • Installation or updating drivers, software or firmware
  • Troubleshooting of all other issues

From greeting cards to arts and crafts, flyers, knitting patterns, archival photographs or your personal correspondence, printers have been massively upgraded! We have the sufficient amount of knowledge to help you figure it out!