Microsoft provides windows support for all versions of windows products. However not all users of these Microsoft operating systems are tech savvy. Microsoft Support Number is 1-855-559-2230 and you can reach out to us to solve issues related to Mircosoft.

Microsoft Support Number

Microsoft support number

This simple problem of understanding Microsoft and windows products create a vacuum where users face daily challenges in using the windows operating system and windows support number that they are reaching out to is not able to provide personally one on one windows support to these users. We are windows support certified trained professional who have been helping windows and Microsoft user for close to 20 years now. We are here to help you when windows support number that you dial for is not able to. We can offer professional help from our windows support if you experience any of these issues!

  • Sluggish response
  • Hangs or freezes during tasks
  • Slow system load time
  • Programs crash
  • Error messages
  • POP issues
  • Virus and Malware attack on your computers.

If any of these symptoms are exhibited by your system, call our Microsoft support number, and we’ll set you up with a computer tune-up service and we will hold your hand to fix these issue one on one.You just need to simply share your screen and we’ll help you and guide you through the process of finding possible solutions for your windows support.

For any issues related to email , visit Microsoft email support page.

Given below are few things that you can try to eliminate the above issues:

  1. Start by first restarting your computer.In most cases this fixes your problems in windows.
  2. Removal unnecessary Program which is slowing down the computer.
  3. Cleaning out all of the junk that builds up over time and is just taking up space and delete the programs that you have stopped using.
  4. Decide on which program needs to run in start up. Unnecessary programs which are not needed in start-up affects your systems performance.
  5. Try System defragmentation and hard drive cleanup.
  6. Try disabling visual effects.
  7. Try changing the size of the virtual memory be very careful when you do this. This might end up in a negative effect.
  8. Execution of a full Malware check and removing all malicious items.
  9. Completion of a system security assessment to ensure that your system is protected.
  10. Installation of important updates to your operating system.
  11. If you are using the new Windows operating system try Performance troubleshooter.

Windows Operating system:
Windows from Microsoft is the most commonly used operating system. It is estimated that close to 90% of personal computers are running on Microsoft Windows operating system.Microsoft Windows was a revolution when it was launched in 1985 with GUI and despite the competition from Mac Microsoft is ruling the PC world. Microsoft has come out with various versions of Windows operating system most of which are PC oriented. However, its presence in the commercial server market has been challenged by Linux. With the huge customer base Microsoft has faced challenges in satisfying the customers needs and with new version launched in succession users face challengesin their day to day work and personal front using computers.This has opened up business for many third service centers and service related companies across the world.Users can gets windows support from Microsoft directly however third party companies like us provide one on one support for windows users.You can call windows support number to get support for windows or call us and we will be glad to help you.
Windows 10 is the most recent version of Microsoft operating systems for personal computers and on the commercial server side it is windows server 2016.

Microsoft Outlook Support

Outlook Email Application:
Microsoft Outlook is the most commonly used email application among corporate and individuals.It is part of the MS Office Program suite.Microsoft Outlook allows its consumers to connect to their contact list, addresses book and conveniently manage their time and to keep the Emails organized. It’s the most widely used application for professionals and comes with abundant features. The biggest advantage of this tool is to have a group of organized in various hierarchy. Microsoft Outlook 2013 is the most popular version the Outlook suite developed by Microsoft.For MS Outlook support contact Microsoft support number. Outlook 2013 provides corporate features even for a personal computer users. The best feature on the outlook is the folder synchronization and calendar synchronization. The setup and configuration of outlook is sometimes very complicated and challenging we provide 24/7 support if you face challenges reaching out to the Microsoft support number. We are here to help you so that you don’t need to worry about who to reach to fix your computer needs. You can dial Microsoft support number or calls us. You are just a call away from the perfect solution for your computer.

Why Us?

Our support specialists are certified windows specialist who have a thorough understanding of your computer needs. We are a company who have been around tech support for more than 30 years.We have seen and helped ten and thousands of customers like you and we are here to guide. You have no obligation to pay us if you are not satisfied with our work. Even importantly we don’t change your system setup without asking your permissions prior to make any vital changes in transforming your outlook account. We take pride at work and we will have your system top notch with the best possible solution.Our windows customer support is energetic to offer you the best of suggestions selflessly and will guide in providing tips on the best practices that are followed in this industry. For example how to back data and how is retrieve them. How to generate strong passwords and how to handle Virus and Malware attack.

Latest improvements in New Outlook 2016 for Windows
Outlook is a part of Microsoft Office Suite, you might face issue launching your Microsoft Office program. In such cases you can reach Microsoft support number for further help.
Outlook 2016 still offers you the same features and it is quicker and easier for you to communicate. The calendars, contacts or task management features are refined to the best. It has a much improved search options and Draft options available and also has a ‘Tell me what you want to do’ box at the top. The preview option shows the Images and pictures that you have attached to the email.

Common Windows Outlook Problems which you would want to try & fix yourself before calling the Microsoft support number.
1. How to Restoring an item from ‘Deleted items folder’
Head to the ‘Deleted Items’ folder in your outlook
Locate your item, right click and select ‘Move’ > ‘Other Folder’
Select the location where you want to move the email.
(If you are missing emails and you feel that outlook is corrupting your mails or the mail is getting deleted by itself. Don’t worry just call the Microsoft support number or Call us @ +1-855-559-2230 We are here to help you.)
2. What if you fail to find the item in ‘Deleted item folder’
Look for the items in hidden folder ‘Recoverable Items’ folder
Further if you fail to locate the items in the second folder as well. Call Microsoft support number or call our Technician for support.
3. If you Microsoft outlook 2016, 2013 or 2010 fails to start or ends up with an error “Cannot start Microsoft Office Outlook. Cannot open the outlook window”
This is a serious issue. You cannot troubleshoot the issue yourself you might end up losing emails when you try to re-install or restore data. Call us to Re-configure or Re-install and to restore the data.
In such cases, You can reach out to the Microsoft support number or call us to have our technician Help you in fixing the issue.
4. Import contacts using a .csv file in outlook 2016, outlook 2013
(Ensure that you are using the desktop version of outlook)
Select ‘File’ from left corner.
Select ‘Open and Export > Import/Export
A window will open and select ‘Import from other program or file’
Select ‘Next
Select ‘CSV’ file.
Then select Allow duplicated to be created & hit ‘Next’
Choose ‘Finish
5. Is your outlook account hacked or outlook password lost.
(There can be many ways for your outlook account to get hacked someone might have stolen the password by unauthorized access of the Personal computer or laptop. As this is a serious issue and threat to your personal information you should immediately contact Microsoft support number for assistance or reach us at +1-855-559-2230.)

If your Microsoft outlook email account is hacked, chances are you must have performed an action which wasn’t required, unknowingly. Hackers use certain tricks to get into your personal email account.
Malware are most common way through which your passwords are stolen from you without your knowledge.You may have downloaded a program or browser toolbar might have recorded the keystrokes.
Hackers might have broken into any website where you had entered your personal information or your passwords.
Phishing – Phishing sites where attackers trick and steal your information posing as some legitimate site. This a common scenario nowadays.
All install anti-virus/anti-malware/anti-spyware tools and clean your PC regularly also install the latest Microsoft security patches.To get more information contact Microsoft support number or calls us @ +1-855-559-2230 for help.

Microsoft support

Windows 10
Windows 10 is the most recent version of Microsoft operating systems for personal computers and on the commercial server side it is windows server 2016.Microsoft Windows 10 (Microsoft support number or Call us +1-855-559-2230.), released in 2015 eliminated all the shortcomings that appeared in Windows 8.1.Features start menu, virtual desktop system appeared in this version. Users can upgrade for free from Windows 7,8 or 8.1 for help on this Contact Microsoft Support Number. The update can be done using Windows 7,8, 8.1 or Windows 10 product keys. Another improved Windows version, Windows 10.1 came in Nov 2015 with features like new icons, printer management, more titles on start menu and Edge updates. Microsoft Windows 10 holds more number of users and it loads quicker and faster that is very effective in handling high traffic of support needed by the users. You can always check Microsoft support number or Calls us for assistance.

Windows 7 and 8

Microsoft Windows 7, was in testing for approx 3 months before it was open to market. Windows 7 was mainly an operating system which was designed for eliminating all the flaws that existed on windows vista.It was focused towards being compatible with majority of applications. So, in case of any help call Microsoft Support number or Call +1-855-559-2230.
Microsoft Windows 8 & 8.1 was released in Oct, 2012.Microsoft’s start screen, cloud integration, social platform integration, one drive were introduced.Windows 8.1 came a year after improving all of these features again.

We understand that all the users of Windows cannot be a computer expert and it can be frustrating to fix your computers and secure your computers in today’s world.We are here to help you if you are not an experts or if you need assistance/help call our Microsoft Support Number @ +1-855-559-2230.

Our Microsoft support number experts from Microsoft help desk will identify your computer’s issues and will make your experience a pleasant one.

Call our Microsoft Support Number now, and get your computer’s issues resolved.