Microsoft Excel Tech Support

Imagine you working all night on an Excel sheet, consolidating a lot of data, and when you attempt saving it, it shows you an error! If the thought even gives you nightmares, or if you’re frantically looking for Microsoft Excel tech support, then this article is a life saver! Here we discuss the possible reasons why Excel might be hesitant to save your file and what can be done to convince Excel that your file is nothing to be afraid of!

Microsoft Excel tech support

First searching for reasons that you got error-zoned by Excel, we came up with these!

  1. Your file might be too large for your version of Microsoft Excel to handle! We might be able to help you with that!
  2. Maybe your mother file was taken from a higher version of Excel
  3. You might have used a lot of large images.
  4. Maybe you exploited too many Excel options all at once!
  5. The file you are attempting to save is being shared with another user and he is working on it!

Having discussed all these, we will have to tell you what to do to get rid of these issues, don’t we? So, here we go! Our little Microsoft Excel tech support!

  1. Attempt copying the entire content to a new file. By doing this, you are giving excel an option to start anew.
  2. Please get a newer version of Excel and attempt saving it now
  3. Simply cheat excel telling this isn’t the old file. How? Rename it!
  4. Create two excel sheets with half each of the original content, and later merge them together!

These are all simple hacks aimed at easy solutions. If you want to dig deeper, here’s how! But remember, please do it with caution, because registries backfire a lot if handled wrong!

  • Start > Run > Type “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\14.0\Excel\Options”
  • New > DWORD > Type “ FullLoadImagesOnFileLoad” and type “ENTER”
  • Right click on FullLoadImagesOnFileLoad > Modify.
  • Key in 1 when asked for the value.
  • Exit the Editor.

We have covered both the laymen way of doing it and the professional way of doing it! If there are still issues, we believe that we can solve it by giving it a little expert touch. But we may have to take a closer look at the file before we pull any shares from our hats. So, please make sure you call us at 1-855-559-2230 if errors pop up and need any Microsoft Excel tech support visit us at