Microsoft 365

Microsoft is back with a new experience for the Microsoft 365 users. This update relates to app switching and the recently opened online documents. This comes as a move to get rid of the Start menu icons, which have been quite overwhelming to users. The new view displays only the recent apps which have been opened and used in the last 45-day period. For more information and updates on Microsoft 365, stay tuned to this space.

microsoft 365

This update of the new view or launcher shall be released in the coming months. Admins have been given the power to add the tiles, which allows them to get the apps, sites and URLs of their organisation. The admins also have the ability to view it in the main screen, if the app is pinned. This feature is quite awesomely optimised for the purpose of search, and you also find the new groupings at the top view section for the admins. For increased security, the Microsoft 365 also has included a Q and A section for users.

The most common query which we face is, will the user be able to see the same apps, as the admin does? The Microsoft 365 has let out a new app launcher, where the main view of the user, will also include a default set of apps including the pinned apps from the recent 45 days. By pinning, you can easily view any app including the admin custom to the main view of the launch bar.

Be tuned to the App launcher update. This update is expected to make things easy for your organisation. If Microsoft 365 is extensively used by you, check out this launcher update, which shall be rolling out over the course of the next couple of months in waves.

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