Browser Support

We provide microsoft edge browser support for the following issues:

Most frequent problem are

  • Edge having trouble loading and ends up running very slow.
  • Edge’s losses internet connections frequently and not able to connect.
  • Webpages doesn’t load.
  • Website “has a problem” or “needs internet Explorer”
  • Not able to find favorites or downloads.
  • Passwords dont work on Edge.
  • Cortana isn’t working on Edge
  • Edge goes into infinite loop.
  • Mouse “hover” pop-ups and other features aren’t working on Edge.
  • The Text is very small in Edge.Ad block doesn’t work on Edge.Not able to save web pages on Edge
  • Drag-and-drop and other features aren’t working for SharePoint Online
  • Options like Skype for Business Online, Open with Access, or Open with Project not functioning.
  • Flash Player has a problem and it is not working and not able to install it.
  • Not able to get sound on Edge.
  • Videos and YouTube doesn’t work on the edge browser.

Few of these issues can be sorted out with the latest Microsoft Windows 10 updates. Sometimes these updates can fix bugs and add new functionality however in most cases you will need assistance from expert like us. Feel free to call us for any help pertaining to any microsoft issue. We are here to help you.
Microsoft updates Edge to add new functionality and address problems constantly. The first update for Edge came out in August 2015.