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Microsoft is a global leader in computer software and hardware products and services. It is considered as a household name for millions across the world. Headquartered in Redmond, WA, the company has offices across 60 countries. The multinational technology giant focuses on innovation and implementation of software that is used on computers that connect to a network. Microsoft also owns one of the premier operating systems in the world known as Windows.

microsoft 365For any issues with your Microsoft 365 Products, do not hesitate to call Microsoft Help Desk for a resolution.

Microsoft is also a market-spear head in the IBM PC-compatible operating system customer base and the office software suite customer base. Microsoft also produces a wide range of other software for desktops and servers, and is active in areas including search engines (with Bing), the gaming industry (with the Xbox, Xbox 360 and Xbox One consoles), the digital services customer base (through MSN), and cell phones (Windows Phone OS). Microsoft 365 has set foot in the tablet computer manufacturing customer base for the first time, with the introduction of the Microsoft Surface.

Following the release of Windows Phone, Microsoft Support underwent a gradual re-branding of its product range throughout 2011 and 2012. The corporation’s logos, products, services and websites adopted the principles and concepts of the Metro design language. Microsoft’s current operating system, Windows 10, is designed to power both personal computers and tablets.For any issues on microsoft 365 related products call 1-855-559-2230 or visit us at We at microsoft help desk are here to help you.

The Kinect, a motion-sensing input device created by Microsoft and designed to be a video game controller, was first introduced in November 2010. It was upgraded for the 2013 release of the eighth-generation Xbox One video game console. Kinect’s capabilities were revealed in May 2013. The new Kinect uses an ultra-wide 1080p camera, and can operate in the dark due to an infrared sensor. It uses higher-end processing power and updated software, being able to differentiate between fine movements.

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Microsoft Support was the first to pioneer in GUI (Graphical user interface) back in 1983. When Macintosh systems were considered very expensive, computers that came with Windows Operating System were considered much cheaper.More importantly, Microsoft brought personal computers into every home. Microsoft was the first company to make people understand that computer was just not for corporate, it is for every household.In 1983, Windows 1.0, inspired by Apple’s Graphical User Interface, was introduced into the market, which was extremely user-friendly and better than the command-line interface. All Windows required was a keyboard and a mouse. The company gradually built its successes on Operating Systems and stands where it is today.

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The Different kinds of Products in Microsoft (Microsoft 365):

Over the years, Microsoft Support (Microsoft 365) has developed several products that accommodate areas of software development, 3D (inclusive of graphics and diagnostics), Digital Media Authoring, the Internet (Outlook Hotmail Connector), Maintenance (Microsoft Anti-Virus), Operating Systems (ranging from MS-DOS, Microsoft Windows to MSX-DOS, OS/2, MIDAS, Xenix and Zune) and Productivity (these include excel, PowerPoint, Word, etc.)

For Microsoft support call our Microsoft Help Desk (+1-855-559-2230).

Microsoft Office 365 (Microsoft 365) is one of the most popular software suites that features many desktop publishing programs that are apt for an everyday classic office setting. And hence the name Microsoft Office. The products – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, OneDrive—and on your PC, Publisher and Access. Everything you need for home, school, and work.  You can choose your intended product if you are a student, small business owner, a corporation or a home user. Everybody gets one.

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Advantages of Windows (Microsoft 365)

Windows has been around for years and everyone knows how to use it. Anyone who’s has formal education or basic idea about computers will know how to use a Windows machine. When Windows 8 was launched the new change in the GUI was a bit confusing, but however, Microsoft 365 cleared it up with their Windows 10 release.

Microsoft (Microsoft 365) today is involved in identifying and eliminating piracy. Piracy is a huge loss for software companies who have invested in developing various products across the globe. Companies invest millions of dollars, time, creativity in coding a piece of software and it gets stolen easily. The new Windows 10 operating system detects and removes pirated software from your computer. In Gaming undoubtedly Microsoft (Microsoft 365) has the biggest advantage over Linux or any other operating system. Gaming industry gives more support to windows and most games run best on Windows operating system.

Advantages of using Microsoft Office 365 (Microsoft 365):

  • It is considered as a ubiquitous software system: Desktop publishing is completely achievable with Microsoft Office 365 (Microsoft 365) and as recommended by industry standards.
  • A comprehensive solution: All software encompassed in Microsoft Office 365 (Microsoft 365) are suitable for desktop publishing. It can run your business entirely.
  • All business usage: Most enterprises and organizations utilize the Microsoft Office 365 (Microsoft 365) Suite of programs. For example, corporations can publish internal memos with MS Word. They can also use the MS Flier to create brochures for their advertising needs.
  • Easy to use: MS Office is a very popular software and is extremely easy to use. It also comes with ‘help’ features that let you achieve your objective.
  • Online support and tutorials: There are several online support materials such as free templates and automatic updates that render the suite bug-free. There are also tutorials online that help you learn more about the product and its relevant usage.

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Software Compatibility 

Most of the manufacturers and Software are compatible with windows. To name few like Auto Desk, Photoshop, Dassault is built for Windows Operating System. Other operating systems (MAC / Linux) do have software that is compatible with them. But the support for them is minimal.

Hardware Compatibility

Windows can run on any processor and since it has various versions available, users have a choice to choose the version in which they are comfortable. Windows is compatible with all Intel and AMD processors.

For Microsoft support Call our Microsoft Help Desk (+1-855-559-2230).

Troubleshooting Common Issues with Microsoft Help Desk ( Microsoft 365 ):

As a premium software company, Microsoft is known to provide top-notch products and operating systems that are used by individuals, enterprises and even government agencies. However, it is not immune to issues. It is only through these problems that Microsoft has been constantly launching upgrades and improvements in each and every one of their products. For any issues you can always call the Microsoft Help Desk at 1-855-559-2230.

Functionality: The issue of functionality arises when the product has not been installed by a Microsoft-certified professional.  It is always recommended to install the latest versions of the product and request a reputable company with a Microsoft certification to configure the product.

Windows 10: Locating applications in Windows 10 can be tedious. Windows 10 is an upgraded version of the Windows 8 and users are still facing some issues on a day-to-day basis. The applications in Windows 10 do not appear as pins or icons in the Start menu unless they are enabled.

To find an application in the Start menu, you just have to click on Start and type the name of the application that you are looking for. Alternatively, in the Start menu, clicking on All Apps will open all currently installed applications. Right click on the one that you wish to use and pin it to the Start menu.

Reboots without a warning: Updates for Windows 10 usually occur automatically. They are randomly downloaded and as soon as they are installed, rebooting occurs. There is no warning or termination of the ongoing process before the reboot, which can result in a loss of data. You can modify the Schedule Restart under Settings -> Update & Security -> Windows Update -> Advanced Options to plan your restart.

Persistence of the usage of Microsoft Edge: Microsoft Edge replaces the older Internet Explorer and with every new version, Microsoft brings the Edge as the default browser. As a result, Chrome and Firefox are not pre-installed, forcing users to use the Edge, which they are absolutely not accustomed to. You can, in any case, download Chrome and Firefox and use them as usual.

Other issues that you may still face are:

  • The inability of Windows 10 to print after an upgrade – this requires the installation of new drivers
  • The Microsoft 365 malfunctions – in this case, you will have to install the software from a certified entity
  • Server platforms that disrupt the functionality across users – Appropriate identification of the server and determining the scale of operation can resolve the issue
  • Most Microsoft 365 issues required certified technicians. Reach out to our Microsoft Help Desk to resolve all your issues.


Preventing and Removing Viruses and Other Malware:

Microsoft products (Microsoft 365) can be susceptible to viral and malware attacks.

You can call Microsoft Help Desk to resolve your issues.

However, there are several preventive solutions and improvements that you can carry out to avoid unwanted impediments in your operations:

  • Removing spyware, virus and rogue security software: Install all the latest updates that you find on Microsoft Update. You can also turn on the Automatic Updates Service so that important updates are not omitted.
  • Free Safety Scanner: Microsoft’s Safety Scanner is a free tool available online that detects and removes potential threats from your computer.
  • Malicious Software Removal Tool: This tool belongs to Microsoft too and aids in the removal of specific malicious software that might be running on a few Windows Operating Systems such as 7, Vista, Server 2003, Server 2008 and XP.
  • Removing the rogue security software manually: For removal of a rogue security software, it is best to consult with our Microsoft Help Desk (Microsoft 365).

There are some steps that you can implement to manually remove the rogue software:

  • Make a note of the name of the rogue security software
  • Reboot the computer
  • Press F8 key at the manufacturer’s logo
  • Highlight Safe Mode with Networking by using the arrow keys
  • Press Enter
  • Click on Start button and see if the rogue security software is listed there
  • If not, click on AllPrograms and check completely
  • Once you find the name, right-click on it and select Properties and then the Shortcut tab
  • Check for the Path where the rogue Security Software is located and click on OpenFileLocation
  • Under ProgramFiles you will find the rogue Security Software folder – right-click and select Delete
  • You can now Restart your computer
  • To protect your Microsoft Windows computer against malware, you have to turn on the firewall

Fight unwanted viruses and malware. Always keep your Windows computer updated. Install Microsoft Security Essentials that will help you do the needful. If you are not able to identify the steps, seek advice from Microsoft Help Desk (Microsoft 365) for a resolution.

The company’s Client division owns the flagship Windows OS line. It also has possession of the Windows Live family of products and services. Microsoft Server and Tools produces the server versions of Windows, such as Windows Server 2008 R2 along with a set of development tools called Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft Silver light, a web application framework, and System Center Configuration Manager: a collection of tools providing remote-control abilities, patch management, software distribution and a hardware/software inventory. Other server products include: Microsoft SQL Server, a relational database management system, Microsoft Exchange Server, for certain business-oriented e-mail and scheduling features, Small Business Server, for messaging and other small business-oriented features; and Microsoft BizTalk Server, for business process management.

The division also maintains the gaming business, via its in-house game publisher Microsoft Studios (Microsoft 365)  that runs on Windows PCs and other systems. Some of the big names are Age of Empires, Halo and the Microsoft Flight Simulator series. It also houses the Macintosh Business Unit which produces Mac OS software including Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac. Microsoft’s Entertainment and Devices Division plots produces and markets consumer electronics including the Xbox 360 game console, the handheld Zune media player, and the television-based Internet appliance MSN TV. Microsoft also manufactures computer hardware including mice, keyboards, and game controllers.

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Do you think you have a problem with your PC? Would you like quick access to some reliable support for your issues? Call Microsoft Windows Support Services from Microsoft help desk (Microsfot 365) and we will help you fix all your PC problems.Windows is one of the most familiar operating systems for most individuals,however  the platform can get tricky at times. Our experts have all it takes to rid you of all your PC issues. We are capable of handling problems that you face with any version of Windows. ‘Quick diagnoses and accurate solutions’ is our mantra. We are committed to customer satisfaction.

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